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St. Gregory Retreat Centers use the latest in brain-functioning research to help you learn how to manage depression, anxiety, and stress. Understanding your emotions and how to deal with them is the only way you can resume a life without addiction. St. Gregory Retreat Centers have the only program in the United States with a documented track record of success.

St. Gregory Retreat Centers offer state-of-the-art, evidence-based rehabilitation for those struggling to overcome substance abuse. Our message is simple—there is hope. Recovery is possible.

The St. Gregory Recovery Program© draws on the latest research as well as time-tested methods and techniques to provide the most comprehensive rehab experience available. Call us today at 855.223.4899.

why our recovery program works

  • Our rehab program is empowerment-based—not based on a 12-step rehab program.
  • Based on science and research, our rehabilitation centers provide the most advanced evidence-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the United States.
  • Our treatment centers focus on healing the entire person as we address the underlying causes of addiction as emphasized by the American Society of Addiction Medicine: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual.
  • Recovery doesn’t end in rehab. We offer as a part of our program one year of recovery coaching, and our commitment program provides unparalleled support to graduates.

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St. Gregory Retreat Centers at a Glance

Men’s Facility

Our men’s campus offers a healing environment without distractions so you can focus more on your recovery: St. Gregory Retreat Centers offer the most advanced recovery program...

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Women’s Facility

Our women’s campus is a safe and comfortable environment: The issues that come with addictions are extremely emotional, making compassion and comfort crucial.

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Detox Services

Our medical detox services truly set us apart. When addressing addiction to alcohol, heroin or prescription drugs, your safety and comfort always come first...

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Our Commitment

Our clients are commited to their recovery and so is St. Gregory! The Commitment program and Recovery Coaches ensure a safety net in case you need extra support...

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