Long-term substance abuse leads to a number of health problems ranging from severe physical dependence, sleep and nutritional deficiencies, and compromised physical function. The St. Gregory Recovery Program© emphasizes physical recovery and health as a key component of leading a life free from substance abuse. Physical health provides a solid foundation for lasting recovery because having a healthy body supports and encourages healthy thoughts which in turn promote healthy behavior. Our program is designed to jump-start physical healing in order to help our guests quickly get well enough to recover.

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Health and wellness staff are very accommodating to us older clients. They work with us concerning our physical limitations and come up with alternate exercises.


The emphasis on exercise is a big plus. It’s a solid start to developing an important habit.


I love the fitness area. I learned that I love to work out!


Physical health provides a solid foundation for lasting recovery. Research indicates that regular cardiovascular exercise is a powerful tool for building and maintaining long-term physical health. Our health and wellness staff work with each of our guests to develop a personalized exercise plan based on where they are when they arrive and designed to help them achieve their health goals and expedite their recovery.

Daily health and wellness seminars and regular gym time with assistance from our trained wellness staff ensure that even guests who have never exercised in their lives will have the support and guidance needed to see significant physical transformation during the eight weeks of treatment.



The St. Gregory Recovery Program© emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition in recovery. Throughout the program, nutraceuticals, nutritious food, and nutritional education provide the jump-start and lasting tools needed to support continued physical health. We provide nutrition, hydration, and vitamins to provide the elements necessary to jump-start physical recovery in order to facilitate a rapid return to a normal state free from substances.

Throughout their stay, guests participate in our nutraceutical program, nutritional supplementation specifically designed to help the body repair damage done by long-term substance abuse. This supplementation is supported by delicious and nutritious food and an emphasis on proper hydration designed to provide a balanced diet conducive to physical and emotional well-being.

The nutritional enhancement was unique and effective for me. I actually enjoyed what was for me a novel diet.


The nutrition focus ― removing toxic food ― is wonderful.


I was excited about the food program and picked St. Gregory’s due to my dietary needs.







When I couldn’t sleep. When I was anxious and had insomnia, they helped me very much. They are very friendly and nice.


My sleep has been improving!


Sleep allows the body to repair and refresh itself. Often substance abuse and the detoxification process prevent people from realizing the quantity and quality of sleep needed to promote cognitive and physical function at a high level. Proprietary, non-pharmaceutical sleep protocols are available to help those struggling with maintaining healthy sleep habits.

Throughout our program, guests work to establish and maintain proper sleep hygiene so that they can receive the restorative benefits of proper sleep and so that they can be more able to integrate into normal life upon graduation.