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Getting help for ongoing substance abuse can be a stressful and overwhelming prospect. Our trained admissions counselors make getting help easy. They’re standing by to work with you and your family to walk you through admission. Whether you call us at or contact us, we can support you in this difficult time.


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Once we’ve verified your insurance coverage, all that’s left is to reserve a room and arrange travel. In some cases, family members need some help getting through the door. If needed, we can help you set up an intervention. We can also guide you in making any travel arrangements and help you know what to bring. 

St. Gregory Retreat Centers gave me the opportunity to live again—saved my life!―and I am eternally grateful to all the staff and other guests. If i had not made the decision to come here I would be dead. I have been blessed with another chance and will forever advocate for St. Gregory’s mission. They are saving peoples lives and each and every member of their team has a great deal to feel proud of when they go to bed each night. Because of the grace I have been gifted with here my five children have the opportunity to have a mother again. Thank you with all the gratitude in my heart and soul.