Men’s Facility

A Healing Environment Without Distractions: Men’s Rehab

St. Gregory Men's Rehab CenterSt. Gregory Retreat Centers offer the most advanced men’s rehab program in the United States. When you enter into the care of the St. Gregory Center, you are able to find full recovery in mind, body, and spirit. Our exclusive men’s rehab allows guests to cultivate the confidence and strength needed to make the decision to leave behind their drug or alcohol dependency without the added distraction of a coed facility.

Studies show that men are significantly more likely to take a drug than women, and are far more likely to indulge in more than one substance at a time. Men struggle with different issues than women do and it is essential to be in an environment that is conducive to confronting these issues and working through them. Often, people will turn to drugs or alcohol to create a sense of artificial happiness in order to cope with their personal issues. These issues often include low self-esteem, depression, and an overall feeling of worthlessness. Being in a male environment encourages our guest to begin developing leadership skills, assertiveness (which is key to making positive choices), and greater levels of maturity. While most men who take drugs or alcohol are able to “walk away” and continue to lead productive, healthy lives, there are some individuals who make the choice to continue using drugs or alcohol as the problems that surround them amplify. It is this unintuitive response to unhappiness that can necessitate the need for men’s rehab.

Finding Permanent Recovery
Rehab for men at St. Gregory helps guests learn the new skills that can empower them to make the positive choices necessary to abandon their addictions and lead fulfilling lives.

As St. Gregory incorporates the family and friends of our guests into personalized treatment plans as a support network, men who are struggling with dependency can learn how to apply their new, positive, decision-making abilities into a variety of situations that pertain directly to their lives. In contrast to the cold, clinical environments of most hospital-based drug addiction recovery programs, we offer a warm, caring environment to promote enrichment and learning.

Take a tour of our men’s facility (images below), or begin your path to permanent recovery by calling 888-778-5833 today.

Men’s Facility Photo Tour