The New Standard of Recovery

St. Gregory Retreat Centers were founded to offer industry-leading rehabilitation that combines the best research available into a single, integrated program. With unmatched results, we continue to offer the best possible chance for recovery. Call today for help at 888.778.5833.

rehabilitate your life

Ninety-seven percent of rehab programs rely on a 12-step, disease-oriented methodology that places control over a person’s recovery in the hands of a doctor or of a group that requires a lifetime of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. At St. Gregory Retreat Centers, we have experienced what a growing body of research is beginning to make evident―substance-abuse is a behavioral problem that can be overcome using the same tools that empower people to change in any other area of life.

Our empowerment-based recovery program focuses not just on how not to drink or how not to use drugs but more importantly on what factors are driving addictive behaviors and dependencies and on how to change. Our unique blend of treatments for all manifestations of addiction, biological, psychological, social, and spiritual, through the latest, evidence-based interventions empowers our guests to focus not on who they have been and what they have done but on who they want to be and how they can get there.

assessment and repair

Substance abuse damages the reward center of your brain and alters your ability to make positive choices. Repairing that damage is foundational to changing your life. Our rehabilitation program addresses the neuro-chemical and other physical aspects of addiction so that you can quickly get well enough to recover.

skill development

Drugs and alcohol create an artificial sense of satisfaction. When someone starts to rely on substance use in daily life, the cycle of dependency begins. True rehabilitation comes from learning the skills needed to gain satisfaction with life naturally without abusing substances.

set goals for your future

Overcoming substance abuse permanently involves more than removing substances from your life. We emphasize creating a comprehensive future plan built on assessed talents, positive goals, repairing relationships, and building the overall life satisfaction that leads to long-term recovery.

the four dimensions of addiction

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines four manifestations of addiction: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. Any successful rehabilitation program will accordingly offer interventions targeted at each of these four areas. The St. Gregory Recovery Program© uses the latest, evidence-based interventions in each of these areas to provide a unique, comprehensive treatment program capable of delivering unprecedented results.


strengthen your body

Our leading rehab program uses proven methods related to exercise, nutrition, sleep, and hydration to help set your body on the path to optimal health.


change your thinking

Psychological programming focuses on recognizing the underlying reasons for substance abuse and on building the skills necessary to cope with life in healthier ways.


connect with others

Learning to build and maintain healthy relationships and support systems is an essential element in long-term recovery.


discover yourself

While a personal spirituality is a not a requirement, our holistic program focuses on virtuous living in service to self-reflection, self-reevaluation, and spiritual practice.

The staff and my peers showed me that I didn’t have to walk alone and that I could do anything when I believed in myself. I found a freedom that I had never known before.


St. Gregory graduate

We’re thankful for the care and consideration on the part of St. Gregory’s staff members who made our son’s transition into treatment so smooth.


Mother of a St. Gregory guest

After treatment I’m helping to head up a new department at work. I’m making more money than I ever have and doing a job that I love. Now I’m happy, healthy, and proud. Life is good.


St. Gregory graduate