Phase II Program

The transition from a treatment facility to the real world can be difficult as a person tries to hold onto their newly learned coping skills and habits. St. Gregory staff and counselors will often recommend the St. Gregory Phase II Program which is designed to provide a more seamless transition to the real world.

The St. Gregory Phase II Program is often crucial for those who need additional time, counseling, skills development and life-planning before returning home from residential care.  Considering the amount of new learning that occurs in Phase I, as well as the practice and development necessary to become truly comfortable with the newly acquire life-skills, additional time working with St. Gregory staff can provide the best platform to launch your new life.

The Phase II program will help you focus on the “doing” more than the “learning” that occurs in Phase I and can drastically increase your comfort level and abilities to carry out your Recovery Life Plan once you return home.  The initial eight-week program (Phase I) is a more regimented and structured approach which provides a very safe environment for physical healing and dealing with emotional upsets and difficulties that arise while learning to confront your past and your future.  The second phase (Phase II) is designed to provide an environment that better simulates what life will be like once you return home.

While still under supervision and guidance from St. Gregory staff, more freedom, personal accountability and experiential learning can provide the opportunity to have practiced what you have learned throughout you stay.